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CraftWEB constantly seeks input from our visitors in order to understand your needs and interests as well as your views. We will use your input to provide you information and services you seek on the Internet.

The results of these survey responses are also interesting for you to see, so we will publish a summary of results quarterly online.

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    How Would You Classify Your Work?

  • Decorative Craft Art
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    What is the Level of Your Professional Craft Experience?

  • 0-10% of Income
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    And the Level of Your Internet Experience?

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    Where Do You Mostly Buy Your Supplies From Now?

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    Specialty Store for Resellers
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    What Marketing Sources Do You Use Most Often?

    Word of Mouth
    Local Craft Fairs
    National Non-Juried Shows
    National Juried Shows
    Consignment Stores
    Agent Representation
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    What is the Single Best Source of Sales for You?



    How Did You Hear About The CraftWEB Project?



    What Features Below are Most Important to You in a Great Craft Web Site?

    Gallery of Crafts
    Special Faire Events
    Individual Artisan Web Pages
    Organization Web Pages
    Calendar of Events
    Files to Download
    Hot Links to Other Web Sites
    Craft Suppliers Database
    Craft Suppliers Online Catalog
    Online Help Desk
    Chat Room
    Virtual Reality Web Pages
    Video/Sound Links
    Arts and Crafts Books
    Arts and Crafts Videos
    Multiple items may be chosen.


    Other Features/Information You Would Like to See?



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