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The CraftWEB Project Charter

The CRAFTWEB Project was formed to counter a growing tendency towards production art and crafts work in an age of technology. We felt that the new online technology could be leveraged to help increase resources and exposure for artisans who make unique, quality, handcrafted fine craft art.

Our vision is to develop a vital, active online resource where experienced artisans can interact with each other, associations, suppliers, galleries, and artisans new to the craft.

We do not see ourselves as a "shopping mall" model, but rather as a web resource, where information and networking are encouraged.

The Steering Committee of The CraftWEB Project

This project is being supported by the efforts of many people, and we encourage more to get involved. The core steering committee is responsible for making sure the project is on track and meeting the goals we set out to meet, as well as track new technologies and opportunities that can be applied to the project.

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Web Sponsorship Information

Sponsors of our site are welcomed. Revenue from this type of advertising help fund our ability to grow this effort and stay on the leading edge. All potential sponsors are reviewed for appropriateness.

There are three types of sponsorship participation:

  • Content Sponsor

    Content Sponsors underwrite an article or information piece on a given topic and their sponsorship is wrapped around the content. Content sponsors can also "sprinkle" their visibility throughout site where appropriate. Price is a flat fee per month of $750.

  • Banner Advertiser

    CraftWEB accepts banner advertising for the industry standard size of 468x60 or 728x90 pixel banner ads. Site supports rich-media ads but does not track rich media click-through (this is typically done through a third-party server by the advertiser). Placement is top of page, run of site. Price is $10 CPM (Cost Per 1000 Banner Views).

  • Link Request

    If you feel your link qualifies for one of our links/resources page, it is a flat one-time fee of $25. Must be pre-paid via check to: Kathleen McMahon, 1450 Chestnut Street #102, San Francisco, CA 94123 Attn: CraftWEB Link. Also include your site's: Title, URL, and a brief description. If we do not feel your site meets the standards of our site, we will return your check.

Click here if you want to contact us regarding sponsorship.

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Other Highlights of The CraftWEB Project

  • Forum Discussion Group

    The CraftWEB Project sponsors the largest gathering of hot glass professional artisans on the internet.

  • Calendar of Events

    The CraftWEB Project links to a current listing of shows and events that might be of interest to our members to enter juried shows and display their work.

  • Resource List

    The CraftWEB Project provides a list of common resources of schools, suppliers, etc that are of interest to professional craft artisans.

  • Usenet Newsgroup: alt.crafts.professional

    To reach out to professional craft artisans not currently on the Web, as well as to generate a more public forum area, The CraftWEB Project created a newsgroup on the Usenet called alt.crafts.professional.

    Anyone can access this newsgroup, but only if their own service provider has added it to the list of newsgroups they let their customers have access to. Just ask them! Most are very reasonable and will add it right away. Then use this web or your own newsgroup reader program and join in the discussion to keep it lively and add your experiences and expertise as a craftsperson!

  • CraftWEB Book: In Search of Arts and Crafts on the Internet

    The CraftWEB Project has written a book to reach out to all craft artisans, professional and hobbyist alike, who are new or not yet on the Internet. We understand part of growing our community is to help educate artisans, in a way they understand, how to utilize the new technologies to their benefit.

    Note: This book was written in 1995 and did very well for years but is now out of print.

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Opportunity Network (sponsor of The CraftWEB Project)
1450 Chestnut Street Suite 102
San Francisco, CA 94123

(415) 673-0802

Kathleen McMahon, Founder

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