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Here is where you, as participants, can share and learn from each other in our discussion area.

We offer:

  • CraftWEB Forum Exchange: Public
  • a special local web discussion area where visitors can exchange messages with each other and with members of The CraftWEB Project. Note: this general board has been closed due to inactivity but may be opened again in the future.

  • CraftWEB Forum Exchange: Hot Glass
  • a special local web discussion area just for hot glass artisans and enthusiasts! To date, there is no other place on the web or usenet set aside for just the hot glass enthusiast! The largest gathering on the internet of the most professional hot glass artisans!

  • alt.crafts.professional
  • You can access this public Usenet newsgroup from here if your service provider has added it to their Usenet newsgroup list. If not, just send an email to your news administrator at your provider and ask them to add it.

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